Traynor Dark Horse

Marque : Traynor Modèle : DH15H

Traynor Dark Horse

Marque : Traynor Modèle : DH15H
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Amplificateur (tête) de guitare Traynor Dark Horse, 15 Watts à lampe.

Mode 2 Watts


Description du manufacturier

The DarkHorse 15H all-tube guitar head is destined to be an instant classic. Fifteen watts of all-tube tone in a sub-compact head and cabinet combination specifically designed with the travelling musician in mind. Simple Gain, Bass, Treble and Master controls allow easy access to the perfect amp sound on stage or in the studio.

 A Tonestack switch allows for either Brit or USA voicings or the « Pure » mode which bypasses the tone stack entirely, delivering a mid and overall gain boost allowing for the most direct signal path possible between your fingers and the speaker.

Selectable output power switches between two separate output stages – a higher headroom 15-watt pentode stage or a 2-watt triode stage for increased drive. A combination of 8 and 16-ohm outputs allows the DarkHorse to drive virtually any cabinet configuration.

 on stage or in the studio.

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