Nemetone Distiny

Marque : Autres... Modèle : NT-DISTINY

Nemetone Distiny

Marque : Autres... Modèle : NT-DISTINY
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Pédale Nemetone Distiny

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Choose between overdrive and distortion with the simple flick of a switch! NEMETONE DISTINY’s main feature is to be an extremely versatile pedal while still being very simple and straightforward to use. We also wanted it to be transparent, meaning that your distorted signal will keep its original sound signature.The Gain knob has a very large operating range, allowing you to operate between a very subtle and a huge amount of gain.In other words, you have access to everything between the softest overdriven tone to the heaviest distortion in a single pedal without compromises and with very few adjustments required.

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