GUPtech DOF Expandora Tribute

Marque : GUPtech Modèle : DOF

GUPtech DOF Expandora Tribute

Marque : GUPtech Modèle : DOF
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Pédale GUPtech DOF Expandora Tribute

Description du manufacturier :
Don’t be fooled by the « funny » look, our DOF is truely a nice swiss-knife to have on your board. Based on the weird round-silver Expandora pedal, we are releasing our tribute to this great pedal in a more « GUP Tech » friendly package.
This pedal will go from boost to crazy-Fuzz (Forbidden mode).
Both toggle down, you get a nice Boost with almost no clipping. First toggle up is light overdrive mode. Only the second toggle up is more gain. Both toggles up will bring you in the « forbidden » mode, a Fuzzy-ish wild Cherub Rock kind of fuzz.
If I would have to bring only one pedal to do everything, it would be this one…
Power consumption : 6 mA
Voltage : 9 Vdc Center-Negative

  • LUN 10h à 17h30
  • MAR 10h à 17h30
  • MER 10h à 17h30
  • JEU 10h à 19h
  • VEN 10h à 19h
  • SAM 10h à 17h
  • DIM 12h à 17h