GUPtech BouzMaster (Shredmaster Tribute)

Marque : GUPtech Modèle : BOUZMASTER

GUPtech BouzMaster (Shredmaster Tribute)

Marque : GUPtech Modèle : BOUZMASTER
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Pédale GUPtech BouzMaster (Shredmaster Tribute)

Description du manufacturier :
After goofing around a lot with the original Shredmaster, here’s the official GUP Tech tribute called the Bouz Master. Based on the old Marshall original, the Bouz Master brings the same preamp-distortion quality into a modern sized enclosure, with the hot rodded triple clipping toggle switch (Top is original, center is no clipping boost, bottom is LED clipping).
The EQ includes the infamous Contour (named Bouz) that scoops the mids as you turn it up. Start with Bass and Treble at max, gain at half, and work your way from there!
We have to address the design of this pedal, showing a Bousier (French name for Dung Beetle) rolling its little ball. The term « Bouse » in French, means poops. 
Power consumption : 9mA
Voltage : 9Vdc center negative
The Dung beetle isn’t just another bug, it’s an amazing scarab. Because someone’s
got to do it, it takes care of this filthy waste that is laying around. There are three
kinds of Dung beetle, but our star today is the roller Dung. When they find a pile of
feces, they get their chuck of it, and roll it away for further use (laying their eggs in it and more disgusting stuff I will keep you from). Their ball is usually pretty round, and they ride it upside down like there is nothing weird with it. I must admit, they are
fascinating to watch!

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